Manuscripta Medica

Terms and Conditions of Use

By accessing the Manuscripta Medica (ManMed) database I hereby declare and agree to the following conditions:

1. The username and password allocated to me to access the Manuscripta Medica database are personal, and I agree not to share them with anyone else.

2. I confirm that I shall not put any data or information displayed in the site to commercial use of any kind, and that these will be used only for personal study and research.

3. I understand that the development of the Manuscripta Medica database is still in progress and despite the efforts of the authors, some errors may occur. I will not hold the authors of the ManMed responsible for these errors or omissions.

4. I agree to collaborate with the Manuscripta Medica project by providing it with a list of my publications containing informations on the manuscripts included in the database, or descriptions of Latin medical manuscripts which could be included.

5. I understand that I may be denied access to the site if I am found in breach of any of the clauses mentioned in these “Terms and Conditions of Use”.
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